Why Am I Always Tired And Sleepy?

Why am I always tired and sleepy? For every person the answer is slightly different but there are some common things you may be doing that are making you tired and sleepy.

Below I have listed some of the major causes of tiredness, sleepiness, fatigue and exhaustion. Go through these and see if any of these causes apply to you. If so then you may want to do something about it as soon as possible.

It is estimated that 25% of people experience some sort of exhaustion and your fatigue will NOT go away unless you do something about it. If you keep doing the same things over and over you will get the same result.

To get rid of your tiredness you need to do something different. For more information on beating tiredness check out the 30 unique ways to stop being tired and sleepy.

17 Reasons Why You Are Always Tired and Sleepy

1. Getting up to urinate during the evening

Many adults are finding themselves tired during the day simply because their night time sleep is broken by the need to go to the toilet.

When sleeping your body goes through a variety of cycles. It is estimated that each cycle last approximately 90 minutes, and only a small fraction of that time is REM sleep (where you are truely resting). By getting up during the night you are interrupting your sleeping pattern giving you a lower quality of rest.

This is estimated as one of the major reasons most adults wake up tired in the morning.

Don’t drink liquids before bed and learn to hold your bladder during the night.

2. Getting to bed late

Some practitioners state that an hours sleep before midnight is worth double (or more) for every hour after midnight. Meaning the early you get to bed the more rested you will feel.

I don’t know if this is scientifically proven but I do know from experience that if I go to bed a 10pm and wake up at 6am I am better rested than if I go to bed a 2am and wake up at 10am. On both occasions I got 8 hours sleep, but I felt very different when I woke up.

Get better sleep by getting to sleep before 10pm.

3. Waking up too early

If you find that you wake up the same time every single morning no matter what time you go to bed (and that may be ridiculously early…eg 4am) then this can seriously affect the amount of restful sleep you are getting.

You may want to begin teaching your body how to sleep in.

4. Stress

Extended periods of stress can leave you completely worn out. In the society we live in being stressed is one of the sign of living a ‘successful life’ because stressed people must be achieving a lot.

However, extended periods of stress can actually negatively affect your life leaving your tired, sluggish and achy.

5. Emotional Fatigue

If there is something in your life that is causing emotional strain then this can cause you to feel tired and sleepy all the time. A feeling of being overwhelmed can also make you feel sleepy.

Difficult relationships, trouble at work, not being where you want to be in life or going against your conscience can all cause emotional fatigue.

6. Information Overload

If you are consuming too much information (and in this day and age we all have an overloaded information diet) this can affect your mood and sleep patterns. You may want to try and limit your intake of new information and ensure that you are only taking in calming information in the evening….and no TV and surfing the internet are not calming.

7. Depression

If you are suffering from depression that may also make you feel exhausted. Many depressed people struggle to get out of bed and they feel that they don’t have enough energy for daily activities.

Some depression is circumstantial and can be cured by changing your circumstances (eg. changing relationships, careers or other negative situations) and some forms of depression need medical treatment. See your doctor for more information.

If you think you may be depressed or have depression I suggest reading this book: Why Do I Have Depression?

8. Jet Lag

If you have been travelling and changing time zones (or evening if you go to bed early some nights and late other nights) you may be experiencing jet lag. Get your body in a routine and try to stick to the same sleep/wake cycle.

Jet lag isn’t always cured overnight and it may take some time for your body clock to reset.

9. Lack of sleep

Duh! If you aren’t getting enough sleep of course you are going to feel tired. You can noticably tell the difference between your energy levels when you get 8 hours sleep verses your energy levels when you get 4 hours sleep.

If you are not getting enough sleep then find a way to get more sleep and MAKE IT A PRIORITY!

10. Heavy workload

If you have A LOT of work to do and are spending ridiculous hours working to get things done then it is likely you will experience burnout and exhaustion. There is a reason why most people only work 8 hours per day. We need rest and relaxation to maintain our energy levels and be as productive (and enjoy life) as much as possible.

11. Dirty conscience

If you have a dirty conscious and are constantly living against your moral code this can have serious implications not just on your ability to sleep easily but also on your energy levels. A clear conscious helps you sleep better at night and live harder during the day. So make your life line up with your conscious as much as possible.

12. Anemia

An iron deficiency can cause you to always feel tired and sleepy. There are ways you can boost your iron levels. Certain foods contain high amounts of iron and there are supplements you can take. See your doctor if you believe you have an iron deficiency.

If you think you have an iron deficiency then please check out these iron supplements.

13. Alcohol/Drug/Caffeine withdrawals

If you are coming off drugs, alcohol or caffeine you may experience a tiredness that is caused by your body’s dependance on the former substance. It may take time for your body to get with the program and get used to not relying on stimulants or alcohol.

Long term use of energy drinks can actually cause fatigue. Check out this post Are Energy Drinks Bad For You?

14. Diet

If you have a poor diet then this is highly likely to cause sleepiness during the day. Fast food and foods that are highly processed tend to give you a big high and then cause you to crash. Products high in processed sugar (eg. Chocolate) are a perfect example of this.

By improving your diet (eat more leafy green and less junk food) you can often see a significant increase in your energy levels.

15. Other medical illness

There are a variety of medical illnesses that can cause you to feel fatigued. Pain (as an example) puts immense stress on your brain and can cause fatigue and depression. For more information check out these medical reasons for feeling tired or see your doctor.

Why Am I Always Tired And Sleepy?

You should have now identified at least one potential answer to the question “why am I always tired and sleepy?” It is now your responsibility to go out there and do something about it. This problem is unlikely to fix itself. You need to create a change in your life.